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The Weekenders

  Welcome to our take on a great strategy, brand ambassadors. Many other companies use this concept to share product with their customer base in a personal way. Of course that is a goal of ours, but we are gathering a group of individuals that share our vision, enjoy life as much as we do, and we want to share their stories with you. We want to showcase our Weekenders, bring people together, and show our customers all the different ways that you can live life. These people have taken life by the horns and paved their own paths. Whether it be overcoming struggles, reaching FEAT’s that they didn't think were possible, breaking new musical barriers, or just being straight...

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New Socks 2016

    New samples and packaging are in for 2016. Here's a preview of some of your favorites that are carrying over into this season as well as new styles that we have been working hard on the past four months. Now if you follow our Instagram account @behindthefeat, you have seen some pictures, but I would like to explain a bit more about the physical and visual qualities of our new line. I know when I read blogs from companies, I'm always wondering who's voice is representing the company. Is it the accountant, ceo, designer, salesman, or the new intern? So starting today we are going to be giving some background information on ourselves and our positions within FEAT....

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Thank Your Mentor --- Vinnie Daboul

    As the end of the year rolls around, we have spent a lot of time looking back and reflecting on what a year it has been. We encourage everyone reading this to give thanks. Give thanks to your mentor, your friend, your parents, anyone that has helped or inspired you this year. Someone we can never thank enough is Vinnie Daboul. Vinnie believed in us when no one else did. He introduced us to our first investor, when we had no idea how we could raise money. Whether it is 12:30 PM or AM, we know whenever we call he will answer. He is the first person we ask for advice on every business decision, big or small.Even to...

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#WearTheWeekend--- Our 1st National Chain

Everyone at FEAT is excited and proud to announce that as of March 2016, FEAT Socks will be launching in one of the nations premiere retailers in over a dozen stores throughout the United States and Canada.  Standby as we write the order, line up production and get the socks out there! Details to follow. Stay with us on Instagram @FEATsocks    Last thing, said retailer told us that we have the best printed socks that they have ever seen. As Phil explained, "that's what happened when you print 20,000+ pairs BY HAND."         

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Today FEAT Socks announced the launch of their subscription sock service, SockScription™.  Buy 1, 2 or 3 pairs per month and cancel at any time.  1. Can I pick the design? No, thats our job, let us do our job.  2. What if I don't like them? You will. 3. Can I cancel at anytime? Yes, but you won't.  4. Why am I just finding out about SockScription? We just launched it. 

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