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Brighton High School Sock Design Contest

“If my design wins, do I get 10% of profits?”   Today we took a two-minute walk over to our neighbors at Brighton High School to take full control of Mr. Chris Plunkett’s 6th period elective art class. Snap chatting our adventures as we left the warehouse, box of socks in hand, we asked each other what we thought we would experience during the next two hours. We had little expectations but hoped to share our story with the students and give them the opportunity to try to design the next featured FEAT sock. The school is a massive three-story building, built like a castle. The large wooden doors open up to the front lobby, where you enter through an...

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Project SOUP; Not Your Average Soup kitchen

    SOUP; an acronym with a meaningful break down, Share our United Pantry, has been trying to end local hunger in Somerville, MA, for over 16 years. As a separate entity, but located under the extensive umbrella of the Somerville Homeless Coalition, this small, yet tightly packed, food pantry is located on the backside of First Congregational Church of Somerville. Today, we were able to take a quick trip over to visit our new friend, Nina Siciliano, manager at Project SOUP, accompanied by a long time volunteer. We saw first-hand how the pantry functions on a daily basis.  Along with our enthusiasm, we were excited to bring about 100 pairs of our best selling BamBam socks, which in turn...

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Suit Up Springfield

Socks; the new tie of the modern man's suit. What’s a suit without a good pair of socks? Well it’s still a suit, and it can signify seriousness of purpose, class, and good decision-making. FEAT recently teamed up with a successful non-profit organization that encourages the young men of Springfield, MA to dress their best and reach for success. Our fellow path-pavers over at Suit Up Springfield, started this non-profit with the intentions of guiding the young men in this urban community to “suit-up” and dress the way they want to be perceived. Helping with job searches, the process of interviewing, and successfully managing networking skills, Suit Up Springfield shows young men how to tie their ties and how to make...

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Floating Doctors

“There doesn’t have to be a dock or a port where we go, there just has to be a coast, and wherever that coast is we’ll get there”. Dr. Benjamin LaBrot, founder of Floating Doctors, is referring to the accessibility that their non-profit organization has instituted in isolated developing areas in the Caribbean. He and his sister, Sky LaBrot, by way of ship, distribute donated medical supplies, and implement free acute and preventative health care, to these coastal areas. Panama, located in Central America, is bordered by both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, its location being one of the reasons that Floating Doctors has implemented a free ‘floating’ health care service there. Floating Doctors wishes to reduce the...

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FEAT + Back on My Feet; Running to End Homelessness

 “first restore confidence, strength, and self-esteem…and to tackle the road ahead and move toward jobs, homes and new lives.” Back on My Feet (BoMF) is an organization that uses running to combat homelessness. An idea that brings local Boston volunteers out three days a week, early in the morning, to run alongside homeless and struggling people who need to start putting the right foot forward to make real change in their lives, and start heading in the right direction. If the name of this non-profit doesn’t just highlight a perfect collaboration between two organizations, then nothing will. Back on My Feet and FEAT socks recently collaborated to bring over 400 pairs of socks to BoMF Boston’s homeless veterans. Before speaking with...

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