Behind the FEAT

FEAT Socks Life Update

By Krystle Ongjanco

Have you read my medium post? You should read it (The Secret to Zuckerberg). I like it. It's a fun article. Do it nooooow!

Anyway, I've been busy doing production things lately. We released a Valentine's Day Date Pack. I personally wrote all of the date cards. You'll see my handwriting on most of them. Also, donut socks? Who doesn't want donuts on their socks? Donuts are awesome! (I was just in a conversation with one of our new hires about Blue Star Donuts... )

This is all over the place. Let me pick a topic and stick to it:

Let's talk about the wool socks.

When I first started doing retail for FEAT Socks, people kept on asking me if they wick. I didn't know what that was back then but after doing a ton of research, I found all these different blends that prevent people from having smelly feet. Apparently, wool socks are the best at this so we designed the best wools socks for sweaty feet!

1. Appalachians

FEAT Socks - Appalachians

2. Snow Caps

FEAT Socks - Snow Caps

Even if I live in Los Angeles, I live in these now. They are super comfy and warm. I like how they are tight in the right places. I also used them when I went snowboarding in Lake Tahoe. They held up well in a snow storm. I was warm and toasty!

Yeah, wool socks.

They're cool.


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FEAT Socks Blogs Season Two

By Krystle Ongjanco

You know how Yeezy has a Season 2? Well FEAT Socks does too! ;) I wasn't on sabbatical, it was just the end of the season and now we are coming in fresh and ready for this symbolic fresh start!

Symbolic Fresh Start Tumblr


We are fired up and ready to go! Expect new high-quality content and a ton of new designs! 

See you tomorrow! Love you all!

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FEAT Socks is Vlogging

By Krystle Ongjanco

Aurelio, our new hire, is trying to pull a Casey Neistat.


I am hyped about this. Look forward to more content! More adventures! And more making fun of Taylor!

Here is our first vlog:

......Taylor clearly got Blake to get better game. Hahahaha!


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Nerdy Gift Ideas

By Krystle Ongjanco

Nerdy Gift Ideas!

Let's be real, I'm the biggest nerd. Yesterday, Taylor made fun of me for always bringing a book to the office. He asked me how many hours I spend reading books. I told him about the omnipresent guilt that I feel when I know I am not reading. At least, when I have it with me everywhere I go, I'm one step closer!

Too bad, I haven't actually started reading the book that he always sees me holding (It's Norwegian Wood, if you're curious).

Actually. Now that I remember... Annie and Brent were also making fun of me for owning beaker shot glasses in college. Screw you all!

I know I am not the only one in this. A ton of people are searching for nerdy gift ideas. Literature is cool! Science is fun! Anyway, here we go: Nerdy Gift Ideas!

1. Star Wars Rey's Backpack - $59.99

Rey's Backpack

Am I dreaming? This is crazy! I love Rey. I love her storyline. Also, teach the children that they can be the main protagonists! Rey did not need no man. She killed it! This backpack is also made of vegan faux leather. Apparently, you can purchase this at Gamestop! (Did you enjoy that trail of thought? I'm all over the place. Hahaha!)

2. Pop Figurines


I die whenever I see these in stores. They are so cute! 

3. Piets - $9.99


I'm an art history nerd so these have always been one of my favorites. Inspired by Piet Mondrian's most famous art piece, Composition II. Also, they're warmer than any of our synthetic blends. 

4. White Pages - $14.99

White Pages

Another one of my favorites! I also love the old school design. Do you kids still write on pages like these?

5. Totoro Onesie - $14.99

Totoro Onesie

I also WANT this! Can you imagine Christmas day mornings in a Totoro onesie? Also, if you've never seen My Neighbor Totoro, do it now. It's adorable!

Goodluck! ;)

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Holiday Gift Guide Under $50

By Krystle Ongjanco

Holiday Gift Guide? What? Didn't you already do that? First of all, awwww, you really follow us *heart* *heart* but also this one will be different. I will feature other brands too that I think are super rad.

Rihanna gushing

Okay, here we go. This first gift guide will be for everyone looking for gifts under $50. These are gifts for your co-workers, your friends, your classmates, your cousins or anyone you give little trinklets to.


I present to you...


1. Cat Headphones - $40 but they are always on sale

Krystle Ongjanco Cat Headphones

I love these headphones. I bought them my first week at FEAT Socks so I can focus more. Also, because everyone has the apple headphones, I didn't want Taylor to steal mine. ;) I have really small ears so regular in-ear headphones don't fit my ears and other over-the-ear headphones swallow my whole ear. This is great for all you small ear babes. Buy them and we can match. <3

2. Winky Embroidered Pillow - also $39

Pillow from Urban Outfitters

I love throw pillows. You don't even know. I feel like I'm a responsible human whenever all my throw pillows are arranged properly on my bed and on my couch. All my former roommates can attest to this. Hahaha! Also, whoever you give this to will remember you every day when they clean their home. How great is that? It's a neutral color too so it would match any decor.

3. Oversized Scarf - $11.99 but also Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

Oversized Scarf Etsy

Cute, right? And gender neutral! Also, everyone should support small businesses! I love this gift because it's cozy and fitting for the holidays. Your person will wear it the next day, for sure!

4. Metropolitans - $9.99 used to be 14.99

FEAT Metropolitan

Did you really think I wasn't going to feature any of our socks? Hahaha! I'm obsessed with this design. I saw a grandpa wearing this recently and it was so adorable. They're made from really thick cotton fabric that's perfect for the cold gloomy winter. Buy these for your quirky friend and your adorable grandpas!

5. Personalized Cheese Board - $29.99

Personalized Cheese Board

People love seeing their names on things. Remember in elementary school when someone sits on your chair and you say, "Hey, that's my chair!" and they're like, "Is your name on it?" With this cheese board, your name could be on it.

6. Plants!


I can't recommend you a website because I feel like you should purchase this locally. If you live in Los Angeles, there's a place on Main Street in Venice that sells cool pots and plants. It's right next to Free People. 

7. Snow Angels - $14.99

FEAT Snow Angels

Remember what I said about gifts that fit the holiday theme? This is another one of those! It's easy to be a grinch during the holidays but it's harder to be a grinch when you have all these Christmasy gifts! Also, if your friend is not about Christmas, snowflakes are non-denominational. If you don't know what that means, here's a Google excerpt:

A non-denominational person or organization is not restricted to any particular or specific religious denomination.

8. Bike Bag - $27.00

Bike Bag

Holy crap! This is my best find! It's so cheap and it's so cute. I almost want to buy it for myself but alas! ;)

9. Books - $10.71

On The Road

I like giving people my favorite books so I can talk about it with them. I feel like it's also an insight to how I think and what caused me to think this way, if you know what I mean. This will be great wrapped in twine with a few of packets of tea. 

10. iPhone Chargers - $24.99

Native Union

(I love this one more but it's backordered :( I'm sad about it. )

Nomad Charger

iPhone chargers are the best gifts because you can never have enough (unless you're an Android user.. in that case, woops!) 

Phew! We did it! 10 gifts under $50!

I'm pretty proud of myself. These are all things that I would want for Christmas. Hahaha!

Happy Holidays, everyone! I'll try to do another one of these soon!


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FEAT Socks Party?

By Krystle Ongjanco

I've been thinking about our customers constantly for a few days now. Ultimately, FEAT Socks is customer-driven. We care about you and we want you to love us but how do we ensure that you had a good customer experience, worthy of a 7-star rating?

Hmm. So how can we do this. If you have any ideas, email me at We might throw a party in our warehouse and invite people that have supported FEAT Socks in the past. This is still an idea though. Nothing is concrete but I think it would be fun. I'd love to meet and get to know everyone who loves us! We can all talk about our passions outside FEAT Socks and be friends! ;)

I also thought about a mini silly award show for our sock designs. The sock that receives the most vote will be sold for 50% off that week.

Or maybe we can just have a sock making competition using anything but socks. Everyone can send us their socks made out of random materials. The winner will receive a free mystery box.

What do you guys think? Like I said, email me and we will see which ones we can do!

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Are you guys keeping up with FEAT Socks' Live O'Clock?

By Krystle Ongjanco

We are live on Facebook every day at 4PM! We talk about new novelty sock designs and things in the warehouse. Basically, we just poke fun of Taylor and I get to walk around. It's great and easy. ;)

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The Best Monday Of My Life

By Krystle Ongjanco

Today is the best Monday of my life. Here's why:

1. Saw a ton of outrageous socks in our warehouse! I love new designs! We have a few new designers for FEAT Socks so expect a come up! (I am so excited, actually)

2. New mail! New coffee machine! Can't believe someone sent us a Keurig and a vacuum cleaner and a down comforter!

3. Our Instagram is killing it. Lots of cute guys in socks! ;) Chad and Parker are in most of them. Apparently, they are the heartthrobs of the team!

4. I've decided that I'll come in the same outfit every day. Let's see if anyone notices. If you're reading this, you can use the discount code "krystlessecret" and write "krystle has a secret" in the comment section of your purchase! It's on the checkout form! Let's see if we can mess with Taylor and Parker!

5. Parker is getting me lunch! Working at FEAT Socks is so rad. He texted me this:

Menu Parker Sent Me

What a good human.... or he just doesn't want me to eat all the Annie's Bunny Snacks. ;)

6. Jio's Spotify is sooooooooo good. Should we make a Spotify playlist? Let me know at 

Brad Pitt Dancing

7.  Parker said I don't have to pay for the food!! This is my 3rd present of the day. What a happy day!

8. We're making a ton of videos today. One is about recruitment and it makes me realize how lucky I am to have this job. I am so grateful for the friends that helped me connect to Taylor. Honestly, friends have been helping me eat for years.

9. I have fresher kicks than Parker today. Yo, Parker. Clean your Converse.

10. Why do I need to prove myself with these lists again? :D check our instagram and see how happy I am. 

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