Behind the FEAT

  • FEAT Socks Life Update

    Have you read my medium post? You should read it (The Secret to Zuckerberg). I like it. It's a fun article. Do it nooooow! Anyway, I've been busy doing production things lately. We released a Valentine's Day Date Pack. I personally wrote all of the date cards. You'll see my handwriting on most of... View Post
  • FEAT Socks Blogs Season Two

    You know how Yeezy has a Season 2? Well FEAT Socks does too! ;) I wasn't on sabbatical, it was just the end of the season and now we are coming in fresh and ready for this symbolic fresh start! LOL We are fired up and ready to go! Expect new high-quality content and a ton of new designs!  See yo... View Post
  • FEAT Socks is Vlogging

    Aurelio, our new hire, is trying to pull a Casey Neistat. Yes. WE ARE VLOGGING. I am hyped about this. Look forward to more content! More adventures! And more making fun of Taylor! Here is our first vlog: ......Taylor clearly got Blake to get better game. Hahahaha!   View Post