Get ready, here comes a good story...



"Yeah, I can make socks"  Parker doubtfully murmured on the phone. It was March 21st, 2014, Parker was sitting alone in his dorm room at Umass Amherst. At the time he was running Promo Lacrosse, a company he started a few years prior that had already amassed a million dollars in sales. He was making custom lacrosse uniforms for teams across the country, and one customer asked for socks to match their uniforms. Never one to turn down a sale, Parker now had a week to figure out how to make them. He ordered a heat press online and bought a 12-pack of Nike socks. 

The first FEAT socks were born! Fast forward to September 2014, the first day of senior year. After the first lecture of Entrepreneurship 221, there was loud talking student who was blabbering to a group of five students. He was talking about his custom T-Shirt company, boasting about how he did $20,000 in sales the semester before. Parker calmly walked over, told Taylor he did custom clothing too, making lacrosse uniforms. Taylor brushed him off with a "Cool dude, that's awesome" and went back to impressing the other students talking about the $20,000 in sales he did.

"I've done over a million in sales" 

The group went silent. Taylor stopped talking for the first time in hours. "You did what?" Taylor asked, not sure if he heard correctly. "Over a million in sales", Parker reassured humbly, feeling all the attention on him now.  "Selling custom lacrosse uniforms?" Taylor responded in disbelief. "Yup, and I just figured out how to make custom socks too".

After the serendipitous meeting, the two went on to talk for hours that night. The conversation ended with Taylor saying "Let's go on campus tomorrow and see if we can sell the socks". The next day, they spent all morning finding cool patterns on Google Images and printing them onto socks. By the afternoon, they had made 200 pairs and were ready to sell on campus.

There was no parking nearby, so Parker dropped Taylor off with the socks, a wall grid to hang them on, and a FEAT sign they printed the day before. 20 minutes later, after finding parking and walking over, Parker saw Taylor with an ear to ear grin and $300 in his hand. They ended up selling all 200 pairs and bringing in over $1500 in a few hours. "If we could sell these socks to college kids with no money, we can sell to anyone!"


The first FEAT Socks we sold

Taylor and Elijah selling on campus 

By the end of the semester, the trio of Parker Burr, Taylor Offer, and Elijah Grundel had officially become the partners of FEAT Socks LLC. By the end of their senior year, they had sold 20,000 pairs. A few days after graduation, they raised $250,000 from an angel investor.  

Over the next year FEAT expanded it's retail presence to to over 150 stores. In late 2015, they linked up with their advisor David Falk, Michael Jordan's agent, in an effort to expand into Signature Lines. In early 2016, David Falk helped FEAT team up with olympic superstar Aly Raisman. During the Olympics, #FEATbyALY became more and more popular reaching thousands of fans from around the world.  

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