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Garrett Hill

“In fact, perhaps it is somehow deeply and mystically engrained in his muscle and bone, because he takes the words ‘I-am-a-skateboarder’ seriously, and they’re said sparingly, but with honesty and underlined certitude.” -Excerpt from Garrett Hill Biography

Garrett Hill has amassed many titles in his 28 years of life. This self-proclaimed wanderer has found himself on a successful path as a professional skateboarder and a traveler. Hill grew up in Los Angeles where he skated alongside his older brother, Gantry. He and Gantry took up skateboarding because it wasn’t like other sports, “We didn’t want coaches screaming in our faces.” Through this and with the help from a mentor, Jamie Thomas, Hill has developed a skilled technique marked by wizardly effects and rail grinding assaults.

Encouraged by his mentor and sponsors to go pro at 18 years old, Hill was more then ever in the spotlight. He’s been described as eccentric, yet he embraces this title with dignity and appreciation for what it means. Hill is a proud member of the Zero skate team, which is known for emotion-evoking skateboard designs and award-winning riders. Board designs feature camo, skulls, blood, and “Dead Presidents”. This “darker” side to skateboarding has allowed Hill to embrace his stranger side and skate to the beat of his own drum. He doesn’t just love to skate. Hill loves to reupholster old furniture. He will go out searching for messed up antiques and gets real creative with his use of materials, he’s even used old tee-shirts to adorn a battered chair he found behind a dumpster. “I also love collecting hats”, Hill’s collection includes mostly trucker hats, but the collection doesn’t stop there.

Competitions and sponsorships have shaped Hill’s career, and his innate abilities have molded the skater we see today. Maloof Money Cup and Dew Tour are just a few current competitions where you’ll be able to see Hill show off. A glimpse of his achievements includes the 2013 Toyota Athlete of the Year Nomination and achieving 2015 Athlete of the Year. When asked if he participates for money, he humbly responds that it’s the growth acquired through challenging himself that truly motivates. But the most important driver for this pavement surfer is the inspiration he brings to the next generation of skateboarders.

When he isn’t skating, Hill travels…and invents, and reupholsters… But his itineraries have included South Africa, Ecuador, France and Turkey, just to name a few. These opportunities have had a significant impact on his life. One trip in particular has resonated with the pro-skater. London had an atmosphere where he felt truly inspired. If given the choice, it would have been his desired birthplace. As for inventing, Hill and Gantry have developed a device to help capture the insane moments in action sports, particularly skating. All you need is an iPhone, and you can be taking professional grade footage, with ease.

Something you may not be aware of is Hill’s role as an Internet sensation. The Coffee Slam is a video flooding all corners of the web. In this clip, Hill is caught taking a major spill on his skateboard while delivering coffee to his friends. In an interview with GrindTV, discussing the fall, he conveys that the initial anger was quickly replaced with jokes and laughs lasting the rest of the day, and perhaps a lifetime? It’s safe to say Hill isn’t afraid to laugh at his misfortunes and can make the most of perfectly captured, rather scarring, moments in time.

FEAT is thrilled to have Garrett Hill as part of the Weekenders for a bounty of reasons. He embraces a lifestyle that is ever changing and adaptive. The pure joy he puts into his skating career fuels the kick-ass tricks, and energizes his dreams to see what the world has to offer.


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