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Matisyahu The Band

Matisyahu displays a balance of spirituality, originality, and monumental changes to the music scene. Through his development of a music genre that envelops culture and lifetime experiences, he has given us a connection to a life worth exploring. His adaptive musical style has been blooming now for over eleven years. He started touring in packed clubs, with an album that quickly moved to #1 on the Billboard reggae chart, to performing at Bonaroo in front of a crowd of over 80,000 people.
Remembering the journey of “King Without A Crown” as it flew up the charts, and his nomination for a Grammy, are just a small fraction of accomplishments that showcase Matisyahu as a true “Weekender”. But the “Hasidic Reggae Superstar” is more then just a solo artist. In a joint effort between his new vlog and our #weartheweekend campaign, we want to introduce you to Matisyahu the Band.
His instrument is his voice, but he shares the stage with the accompanying sounds of Guitarist Aaron Dugan, Dub Trio bassist and long-time Matisyahu collaborator Stu Brooks, and percussionist and Cyro Baptista go-to-drummer Tim Keiper. The group’s desire is to express deep spiritual meaning in a sophisticated way, but also for their performance’s to match the unpredictable flow of life as well. 
The Matisyahu connection is real, to “The fan going through a hard time, looking to connect to lyrics about faith and searching. The fan looking for that unmatched connection inherent in the risk-reward of improvisational music. The fan who finds pride or representation in some of the ancient sources of Matisyahu’s inspiration. All of these fans share the space together with Matisyahu who is now both a player and a playee, bound to his bandmates’ creation in song and in spirit.   It’s been more than a decade for Matisyahu the singer; this is the time of Matisyahu the band.” 


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