Zander Waves

Alex Baugh, famously known by his stage name Zander, is a tropical pop singer/songwriter based in beautiful Miami, Fl. He is truly a unique Weekender that lives the FEAT life, paradise style. His dreads speak for themselves, an 8-year investment he has unintentionally adopted as his signature. As a young kid who was born in Hong Kong, and spending much of that time traveling and playing classical piano recitals, he has found himself immersed in the artistic lifestyle. From his first guitar, to opening for artists such as Fall Out Boy, Weezer and Ziggy Marley, his music and free lifestyle has inspired many of his fans. But it doesn’t stop there.
 Zander is definitely making waves and living a life defined by music, spirit, and good vibes. Just looking at him, puts you at the beach, kicking off your shoes and running though the sand. His look alone personifies the love he has for creativity and putting your all into what makes you smile. This Irish/ British/ Lebanese/ Croatian, has been around the world and back spreading peace and love through, what he calls, his tropical pop music.
 From Hong Kong all the way to the U.S, Zander has called Norway, Connecticut, Texas and Florida all 'home'. As a kid his talent began on the piano, playing classical music. Once he reached middle school, Zander bought himself his first guitar and he has been playing and writing music ever since. He is an advocate for originality and creativity, but that doesn’t keep him from producing bangers and putting his spin on hits by other pop music geniuses such as Cold Play, Kygo, and Chris Brown.
Zander hasn’t always been a solo artist, he has played in many bands of all genres ranging from Hardcore Metal all the way to Reggae, giving his music an eclectic feel. Zander, himself, has played shows worldwide and even found himself opening for a number of iconic artists. A few fun snip-its from his inspiring life story include that time he played for the Fox Dallas Morning News, or the time he played a pick up basketball game with The Spurs as a kid, and, if that’s not enough, you may have even heard some of his songs played in several independent movies.
 Zander identifies with FEAT. “I love your originality and creativity. No one has socks like FEAT.” He says it and we’ve said it before, FEAT is for the adventurer, the artist, or just anyone who lives to have fun and do what inspires. Thanks, Zander, for doing your thing and living the Weekend.


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