Pina Coladas - Pineapple Socks – FEAT Socks


Pineapple Bam Bam

Pineapple socks: Because if you like pina coladas...then you definitely like getting lost in the rain. These tropical socks will transport you to an island no matter where you are. These socks are bright and funky -- you have to smile.
Machine Wash
Do Not Bleach

                                            Small                Large

U.S. M Shoe Size               4-9                        9+

U.S. W Shoe Size              5-10                      10+

EUR Shoe Size                 35-42                    42+

U.K. M Shoe Size               3-8                       8+

U.K. W Shoe Size              2-8                        8+

Mondopoint                  228 - 267                267+