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Box of Socks

Get all your socks upfront.Why would you want to wait to get socks every month? With the Box of Socks, you get 10 or 20 socks all at once. Waiting sucks.
Too many pairs? Never an issue. Here is a list of people who would love for you to give them a pair of socks:

Significant others
Friend you want to be your significant other
Your annoying little sibling
Your amazing older sibling (Can you tell I'm the older sibling?)
Your ex-lover
A homeless person (Do something good)
A teacher (They will round your 77% to an A)
Grandparents (Old people have swag too)
A cop (It'll help you get out of a speeding ticket)
Mail a pair to Justin Bieber (Just do it, it'll be funny)

FEAT Socks are designed for everything you do; built tough to last longer, look better and spread more smiles than those old tube socks you have in your drawer. Everyone loves a mystery box of socks!